Personal Reflection

Fictitious Production Project Proposal

Industry Research: Quixel

Industry Research: Unreal Game Engine

Landscape Scene Experiment-UE4

Careers within Epic Games

Potentials for Future Production Projects

Case Study: Tverrfjellhytta: Unreal Engine by Pawel Mielnik

Case Study: Japanese shrine by Tomáš Březík

Project Breakdown: Mountain House by Samuel Metivier

Software/ Hardware Review: Auto Materials and Alpha Masks (Brushify)

LOD’s (Level of Detail) in Unreal Engine 4

Rescource Review: Creating a Scene in Unreal 4

Software/ Hardware Review: World Machine/ UE4

Comparing Game Engine Competitors

Resource Review

Experimental Proposal

Campfire Pitches

Initial Project 2 Intents & Ideas

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